Upfront - Emily McNeill

Upfront is the meat and potatoes of Buzzsaw. Here you’ll find feature articles that revolve around the theme of the issue. Past themes have included the media, privilege, the future, religion and Ithaca. We tackle broad topics like these through articles that each focus on one specific story or issue. Articles can be address local, national or international issues, but all of them use multiple sources to dig deeper into a topic. Upfront is looking for aspiring journalists or anybody who wants to talk to people, do some research, dig up some dirt and share new information and ideas.

News & Views - Matthew Farrell

News & Views is comprised of news pieces and editorials. The pieces are not about culture or media, as in Ministry of Cool, nor do they relate to the theme being developed in Upfront. It’s not simply a collection of miscellaneous pieces that don’t fit elsewhere; however, the hope is that this is the section that keeps the magazine in touch with issues and events that are important to the readers. So, for example, if a new war were to break out in the Middle East while the Upfront topic of the month is environmental issues, News & Views can provide some timely and relevant insight and analysis. That being said, it doesn’t have to be a pressing issue. We always have room for a well-written article that deserves to be in the magazine but doesn’t work in any other section.

Ministry of Cool - Mike Berlin

Tucked within the cushy center of Buzzsaw Haircut lies the Ministry of Cool, our very own fine-artsy extravaganza. In it you’ll find critical reviews of all sorts (music, books, movies, even reviews of reviews - how meta!), thought-provoking interviews and biting commentary on our pop-culture. Do you read vapid, gossipy blogs like Perezhilton and Gawker, like, 500 times a day? Do you scour music sites like NME and Tiny Mix Tapes for the latest music sensation? Great! But more importantly, do you have a budding interest in writing reviews and social/cultural commentary? We’re looking for all who can contribute insightful, well-supported reporting and opinion on everything arts and entertainment.

Sawdust - Harrison Flatau

Much like the Wall Street Journal’s humor section, Sawdust strives to entertain its readers by poking fun at the important things in life. At the core of Sawdust is comedy, so if you write something funny, it’ll probably go in. We’re looking for people to think outside the box, but not outside the building. Outside the building is scary with disease, violence, terrorism, poverty, nuclear threats and pens that don’t use black ink. We must stay inside the building so that we can eventually go to The Island and be free. In all seriousness though, our articles at Sawdust strive to be unique above all else, with a critical eye turned towards topics like culture or politics. If journalism and serious stuff aren’t your thing, (and, really, who wants to write that stuff?) come to Sawdust.

Production - Josh Elmer, Jennifer Konerman

Production is the awesomest part of the magazine - even more awesome than Buzz Aldrin the first man to walk on the moon. If you know why this sentence is wrong, we need you to come to production. Production is the nuts and bolts of the magazine; the copy editors, fact checkers, and layouteers who make the magazine into the sleek, sexy, superbadass publication we know and love.  Who we need: dedicated individuals who love spending time with other dedicated individuals. What you get: your name in the masthead, usually pizza and lots of peer respect.

Art - Heather Newberger

Don’t you hate the fact that most “grown-up” books don’t have pictures? We do too, and that’s why we need artists to fill the magazine with illustrations, photos, and other sorts of artsy things. As an artist for Buzzsaw, you’ll get to work with the editors to craft an image for the article you’re working on. Furthermore, artists are the only ones in Buzzsaw to be paid (in satisfaction, not money). So if you hold pictures over words in importance, come work with Buzzsaw Haircut.

Whaling Wall Matthew Farrell
Chow Feng Shui Josh Elmer
Stained Glass Ceiling Emily McNeill
Anarchitect Mike Berlin
SaHarrison Desert Harrison Flatau
Metrolollipopolis Jennifer Konerman
Tropic of Scurvy Heather Newberger
Copy Editors Danielle Sherwood
  Jenna Scatena
  Elliott Feedore
Adviser Mary Beth O’Connor
Chief Residents Abby Bertumen
  Kelly Burdick
  Bryan Chambala
  Sam Costello
  Cole Louison
  James Sigman

Buzzsaw Haircut is funded by the Ithaca College Student Government Association, the Park School of Communications and a generous grant from Campus Progress.

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Front cover and back cover of print edition by Jake I. Forney.
Section dividers of print edition by Jake I. Forney and Justin Lubliner.